Mantra Sounds 2016

man·tra [mántrə](man·tras): a sacred sound vibration, sung as an incantation of spiritual healing, power or shakti


Mantra Sounds Yoga Festival is back for it’s fifth year.

1-7pm, Saturday 10 Sept 2016 


As per every year MantraSounds aims to bring the community of yoga/sacred sound &  conscious/ awareness together. This gathering of like minded souls allows the sharing into the greater community and thus spreading divine truth. 

MantraSounds is a donation based event with all proceeds being passed onto selected reputable charities. All involved in Mantrasounds from organisers to helpers and musicians contribute for free in the service of others (Karma Yoga). 


Entry by donation 

Yes, we will be giving to 100% of the proceeds to chosen charities, but it also allows us to share the gift of selfless giving with you.

All Welcome. There is limited space – so book tickets now.



We need your help to spread the word of our festival.  Please tell your friends and family. Thank you!

Location: Swami Sarasvati Yoga Retreat – 183-185 Pit Town Road, Kenthurst, NSW




Phone: 02 9654 9029

We look forward to sharing a wonderful afternoon of spiritual music and yoga with you.

Namaste & Love

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Donation Tickets

The ticketing system is now closed but you can still get tickets at the door.

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Entry is by donation at the door, but by booking tickets it reserves your place (and helps our planning).

Artists & Events




Maitreya is a sublime teacher, powerful healer and an inspired sacred musician. He guides his students, clients and audiences into the heart of the truth with boundless joy, empowering them to uncover the vast radiance that is their own nature.

Maitreya has an extensive background in Music Therapy and an unshakable passion for the healing power of sound. He is a recent, first time father and has a beautiful son named Bodhi.

His much-anticipated debut solo album ‘Songs From Beyond the Sea’ was released late 2012 and is a culmination of seven years of deep study and service. His music touches and opens the heart and his voice reaches to the depths of the listener’s soul. He is an integral member of Shanti Music; the group was wildly popular at the 2011 Bali Spirit Festival.

From his home near Lake Macquarie, north of Sydney, Maitreya regularly leads retreats, workshops and concerts in Australia and overseas. “I am Maitreya, Disciple of Shakti Durga. Golden Buddha! I am the jewel in the lotus of your heart! I bring joy and uplift humanity, and I offer this to all!”


Kirtan with Mukti, Geeti & Prahbu (Kirtan)

Mignon (Mukti Mina) Musician, Sacred Activist and Community Builder & co founder of Divine Song.

Julie Geeti Dayashakti Rogers Kirtan (Divine song), Soul moves dance.

Prabhu Osoniqs 

For Prabhu, music is more like a painting. On the canvas of nothingness (SHUNYA).

Drumming Circle with Athill, Ben & Lyndon


In conjunction with the amazing musicians there will be wonderful events including:

Family Yoga with Natalie Almond

 natalie almond                                    

Natalie Almond has been teaching yoga for 20 years: with experience in posture correction, internal alchemy, yoga therapy, chakras and more. She has a keen eye and intuition in her classes, which enable her to fill the needs of all her students.

Natalie’s approach is gentle yet strong always focusing on core development physically and emotionally. Balance of breath and movement is a key focus in her classes as this brings about physical and mental balance, leaving you comfortable in soul. 

Natalie is very passionate about her unique teachings she has been practicing yoga for 24 years and teaching for 20 years, with an athletic background she realised fit and healthy was created by yoga more than any other physical exercise she had tried.

In 1993 Natalie traveled to Thailand where she met Asokananda; teacher of Traditional Thai massage, yoga and meditation she studied with him in a small village in the mountains of northern Thailand healing the body’s energy. Since then Natalie began practicing healing and has been coming across healers of many different modalities who shared their knowledge with her.

Natalie met Swami Sarasvati in 2001 where she completed her yoga teachers diploma, Swami the first teacher bringing yoga to Australia, a wonderfully yogic minded teacher has taught her a lot about healing and state of mind and heart.

Natalie’s healing keys is; strong belief in visualisation, creating a deep and meaningful relationship with the body and organs by talking to them with true intent. She understands the emotional state is vital to our health and the way we think.

Keeping the body, soul, spirit balanced, the 5 elements; earth, air, water, wood, fire in harmony, and the chakras active and as balanced as possilbe, we should be able to maintain a healthy immune system, flexibilty in mind and body giving a healthy emotional state. This is “alchemy”

Natalie’s classes incorporate traditional hatha style, a touch of chi kung movements, and flowing postures, posture correction plays an important part. She explains a great deal about the organs and emotional benefits through the postures and the relation to the chakras. Natalie teaches the fundamentals of yoga, healing and energy giving you the power to heal yourself. 

 Natalie’s classes are gentle yet strong, working with core muscle, asana, pranayama, bhandas and meditation. You do not need to be an expert or extremely flexible as the classes are adjusted to each individual. These classes are not floor gymnastics, they are designed to integrate body, mind, spirit and soul, bringing the entire being into a healthy state.

E-motion Yoga with Johnathon Dao

johnathon dao

E-motion Yoga is a revolutionary form of yoga that helps the body to detoxify emotional baggage such as suppressed & trapped emotions that often result in health problems and or trauma which are associated with psychological conditions and physical health concerns.

E-motion Yoga is a fun bodily process to compliment traditional talk therapies, yet unlike traditional psychotherapies E-motion Yoga aims to release the past without having to talk about the event, go into the “story” or re-experience the past.  This method creates a safe environment for one to discharge emotional stress from the nervous system and heal wounds from the past without drama.

E-motion Yoga is a synthesis or Yoga, Qigong, Breath-work, Shaking medicine, Dance and Music to release shock or trauma from the body and assist in processing and healing blocked or trapped emotions in our nervous system and subconscious allowing a safe place for the heart to feel, heal and open to love. 

E-motion Yoga provides a safe method to release trapped and repressed emotions, cutting stress & anxiety at the root within the amygdala through a more traditional method; “healing the mind through the body” with a bodily process! 

Vedic Astrology with Acharya Rajan Sharma

Acharya Rajan Sharma, Master of Vedic Astrology (MA), was born in Nepal as a member of a Spiritual family. From a young age, he appreciated the precious gifts of being able to share compassion and  knowledge to serve and sacrifice to humanity. He completed his first Master degree in Economics/Mathematics from Tribhuwan University in Nepal at the very young age of 22 years. Soon after achieving his first Masters degree, he again successfully pursued a Masters degree in the ancient science of Vedic Astrology and also a Masters Degree in Mass Communication (Journalism). His parents and grandparents had a great influence in his knowledge of astrology and spiritualism throughout his upbringing.  He was given the opportunity to research, practice and experience several spiritual and scientific philosophies throughout Nepal, India, China, Thailand, Europe, Canada, Australia and Middle East Countries both in temples and monasteries. 


Mindful Eating


Deb Pannowitz Grad Dip Hlth Sci Nutrition Medicine, MSc.

Do emotions, stress or surroundings sometimes influence your eating habits? Have a chat with Deb the Mindful  Nutritionist and experience a little of what might happen on a retreat. Mindful eating brings a new kind of sweetness and a revitalized connection to food. No more fads or diets, just nourishment on all levels.


Location & Contact


Swami’s Yoga Retreat

Address: 183-185 Pitt Town Rd NSW Kenthurst NSW 2156




Phone: 02 9654 9029


Just under an hours drive from Sydney’s CBD, Swami Sarasvati’s Yoga & Wellness Retreat is nestled in 60 acres of tranquil bushland in Kenthurst, Sydney’s Hills District.

Drive: From the City Centre it should take approximately 50 minutes: Take the Lane Cove Tunnel and then the M2 to the Pennant Hills Rd exit and turn right into Pennant Hills Rd. At third set of traffic lights turn left on to Castle Hill Rd. At the end turn right into Old Northern Rd following sign to Dural. At the second set of traffic lights turn left onto Kenthurst Rd. Continue along this road for approx 5 mins and turn left into Pitt Town Rd. After 6.5 kms turn right at the wooden gates, 183 Pitt Town Rd.

Public Transport: Whilst only 50 minutes from the centre of Sydney, the retreat is another world away.  Unfortunately public transport is limited to our world on Saturday.  So by far the best option is to drive.  If you don’t drive, either convince a friend who does to come along with you, or if you post on Facebook you should be able to arrange a car pool.


Mantra Sounds is proud to support:

tong len 

Tong-Len’s mission is to help displaced communities in North India achieve a secure and sustainable future by addressing the root causes of their poverty and ill-health through a range of education and health-based projects.

Children OF Charan Tent School Displaced families from some of the poorest areas of India have come to the Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Here there are a large number of communities of up to 600 people struggling to survive in flimsy make-shift shelters which offer only minimal protection against the harsh climatic conditions. Disease is rife and this is exacerbated by severe malnutrition.Children, like their parents, have little or no opportunities for education and many spend their days scavenging and begging.

Tong-Len provides a hostel program where 100 children can live go to school be and educated using the philosophy of “Holistic Child Development” providing opportunities for not only themselves but for the whole family. Health Programs in the slum s provide regular health checks and treat malnutrition in small children, encourage good ante-natal care and educate families in nutrition and hygiene.

A tent school operates in the Charan Khad slum on a daily basis providing basic literacy and numeracy to children who beg, they are given one healthy meal a day. This tent school has been a temporary structure made from bamboo poles and plastic, now Tong- Len is constructing a permanent school in the slum and is seeking donations to provide equipment for assisting the teachers in their work.

Last year through the generous donations received from the Mantra Fesitval the tent school has been completed and we now seek support for the basic tools for education.

We are a small charity and with your support we really can make a difference. You can help by making a donation, sponsoring a child or one of our projects, or by becoming a volunteer. 


hope and home 

HOPE and HOME endeavour to directly contribute to the sustainable development of rural Nepali communities and to provide our volunteers with meaningful and socially responsible opportunities for travel, service and cultural exchange. HOPE and HOME are always ready to assist the local community in practical ways and we aim to be flexible in the support we offer to meet specific needs within the community.

They work directly with travellers and volunteering companies to reach an audience in direct need of a helping hand.

This year, the funds raised from Mantra Sounds will be passed on to aid the flood victims in Western Nepal. Please find below some details on these devastating floods. 

Flash floods and mudslides following heavy rains in August have killed at least 85 people in Nepal and cut off remote communities in the mountains.

The landslides and flooding were triggered by annual monsoon rains since causing rain-soaked earth and rocks to crash down on homes while rivers swelled and washed away low-lying villages.

According to the report, 75 people were unaccounted for and 36 others were in hospitals and medical centres.   It was not certain if the missing people were trapped in their damaged homes, washed away by floods or out of contact due to snapped communication links, officials said.  According to the report more than 25 percent of Nepal’s 75 administrative districts were hit by landslides or floods and more than 200 houses are destroyed and other homes are completely underwater and around  3,500 people have been rescued and housed in school and community buildings, official.

More than 30 bodies have been recovered and from landslide in Sunkoshi river which is 120 km from Kathmandu. The landslide is blocking the sunkoshi river forming a lame is which is threatening to cause downstream flash flood.

The national emergency operations center has asked for health, food, shelter and logestic support in most affected area of Nepal. The government still not have adequate funds to provide food, water or shelter to the victims.

Many of the NGOs, individuals and Non residential Nepalese have been collecting and helping landslide and flood victims.

We Hope and Home also would like to put some effort to help those Nepalese brother and sisters who have lost their families, shelter and expecting brotherhood from us.